Friday, January 16, 2009

A Burst of Spring

Okay, so it's been really cold lately or what I consider to be really cold because despite all my knitting, I never dress properly for the weather. Ever. I'm always the weird one who is in complete denial, my wardrobe isn't different depending on the season, I just make everything work in a different way. Because of this my body has a fairly stable temperature all the time, when I leave the house on a deathly cold day, I'm only cold for a couple minutes and all of a sudden I'm comfortable. Same goes for heat, I wear cardigans in the middle of the summer. I looooove cardigans and refuse to give them up just because it's a little warm. Again, hot for a little bit and then I'm fine.
So yes, it's very cold right now and while I've been inside for a few days because I slipped on a piece of ice and did something to my ankle, it looks dreary out there and that affects me more than the actual temperature does. I like to people watch, I'm the creeper that's sitting by their window watching you trudge through that disgusting slush on your way to work (and sometimes even laughing about it) Everyone is dressed in grey and black, which is fine, I love grey and black but you have to have a little pop.
And this is why you need to have hundreds and hundreds of scarves, one for each day that you'll be out and about in winter. On particularly dreary days you absolutely need something springy. My go-to spring-esque winter scarf this year is this. Here is a list:
  1. It was a fast knit.
  2. It's my two favourite colours
  3. Said two favourite colours are also the epitome of spring for me
  4. It was a stashbuster of yarn I bought forever ago, LOVED, but could never really find a use for.
  5. It's surprisingly warm.

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