Monday, January 19, 2009

Dear Canada Post (yeah, that's right)

Dear Canada post,

Please explain to me why it costs more to ship something in my own country than internationally. I guess I can wrap my head around sending something to Vancouver (from Toronto), and that being expensive but what I don't understand is why sending something to another area of Toronto is only 30 cents less expensive than sending it to England. And it's almost double to send something to British Columbia than to Texas.

There is only one obvious answer, Canada post is trying to up foreign relations, sending a nice homemade gift internationally seems to be the way to do it.

But really, I know I shouldn't because it's business, but I feel so awkward asking $11 for shipping within my own country, and practically shipping for free to others. I'm sure there's a totally logical explaination as to why, but it just seems completely insane if you don't know what these reasons are.

Yes, I just did that. I just wrote a post about Canada post, I think every Canadian blogger needs to, at some point, write one. I got it out of the way and now I can go on with my regular life.

I probably should've taken a photo of my latest WIP (which is almost done) before posting this, but that'd be much too easy. On the way: A scarf pattern (with photos, even!) and another pattern I'm working on for a nice lace scarf.

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