Monday, February 9, 2009

A break from knitting

Well, not really. I mean, I've been working a lot on Starsky, I forgot about the collar and the belt and thought I was done with the sleeves. But because it's a WIP, not really much difference from one photo to the next, so no photos until it's finished. I'm not sure if I should make the belt in the same purple, or make it in black.

After realizing that there is still the collar and the belt to do, I needed a break. So I took out an hour and made some jewelry. I suck at taking photos of jewelry, sorry.

Puzzle pendant on a chain, really simple. And blurry. I need a tripod, or non shaky hands.

And earrings to match.

And some more, these ones were impossible to photograph, so I just gave up. They're quite dangly and jangly though which I really dig. Pink seed beads, blue glass beads on a small hoop.

Pink marble-esque shells

Originally going to be a stitch marker, but changed my mind because the bead was so large. I can't seem to capture silver all that great. Bah.

Bought that bead a long time ago, it was crocheted and I just really dug it. Okay, it was an impulse buy.

Speaking of crochet, I've finally jumped in for real this time. I'm participating in the 2009 12" crochet block-a-month-along I figure this is the best way to ease myself into crochet, trying lots of different stitches and techniques on a small instant product, if it weren't for a screw up I would've been finished this months block. But thankfully, the more experienced crocheters helped me out. And yes, I do have to go back and do the Jan block.

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