Thursday, February 5, 2009

Starsky Update!

So I was working on this sweater since new years day, I worked on it on and off for a few days, then I shoved it in a bag (to take with me somewhere) and had forgotten all about it. Then a few days ago I was cleaning up and trying to organize all my projects I found it! I immediately started working on it again, I left off at the armholes (the point where most of my sweaters are abandoned)

I finished the back while, erm, watching Bromance. Then I started on the left front, which I started and completed while watching other very bad MTV shows. I called it a night and decided to start fresh in the morning for the right front. Starting fresh was not such a great idea because I noticed that I had missed five or so rows of ribbing, I decided that instead of butchering it while fixing it (I was never good at fixing ribbing mistakes) i frogged most of it and started again.

Then going over my notes I notice something else, I've accidentally added an extra repeat (12 rows) before the armholes on the left front. I threw the back and left front down onto the nearest flat surface and began to measure. Yep, a few inches too long, but nothing blocking won't fix. As long as I remember to screw up the right front as well, I think I'll be fine.

The super bad news is I'm getting so tired of purple, and I don't see myself wearing it when I'm finished. But it'll be done in time for my next purple phase.


  1. Tired of purple? Unthinkable! Even more so when the shade is so beautiful!

  2. I know! But it seems like everything I touch these days is purple. I think I'm going to add some red to my purple projects, that's one of my favourite colour combos. But I'm starting the transition to greens.

  3. Oooh, and some shades of purple and green are very pretty together too! *is sad that I look awful in green*

  4. I've had the purple obsession for years, still not tired of it! But red and purple are very pretty together, I agree. I have a pair of striped long socks in those exact colors, and love them.

  5. Green is my favourite colour! I don't care if I look good or bad in it. ahaha. I wear it anyway.
    I'm knitting this sweater in a really...weird purple (which I ALWAYS forget to take photos of) and I had this almost neon green post-it note next to it, I was really digging it but I knew I could never pull it off.
    But more subtle greens and purples look lovely together.