Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer is time for challenges

Sure, there are plenty of little challenges throughout the year all across the board. 52 projects in 52 weeks, 52 socks in 52 weeks, project spectrum, Holiday make-along, year in a blanket, actually..I'm not even going to bother listing them all there are soo many. But there seems to be an even bigger amount of challenges that take place just during the summer, the one I chose for myself this year was a given to anyone who knows me. It's the Battlestar Galactica Fleet Power Battle over on Ravelry. It has everything for me, it combines my three favourite things. My fantical love for BSG (and how I have to fill the void somehow now that it is over) making things (in this case, knitting) and a good challenge. And when I mean good challenge, I mean goooood. Teams, points, prizes, everything. I love rankings, I love points, I love stats. I love it all. So for the next three months, most of my projects will revolve around this lovely challenge.

The first briefing was to make something for a pet, because I do not have a pet (my kitty died last year =( ) I decided to make a blanket for the Toronto Humane Society Thinking I'd start things off with a bang with my favourite thing ever, entrelac.

Kinda crappy photos (the sun was hiding, didn't bother cleaning off the table so it's a little lumpy too) it measures 30so" X 45" Completed in about four days, I was able to get the first half of it done in one day, but as it got heavier I just couldn't bother working on it for more than a tier at a time.

I just used whatever scraps I had laying around, I believe two skeins of Bernat Super Value in purple, and one in yellow. And Phentex sport (about 600yds) in baby pink. Originally it was going to be all purple and yellow, but I ran out of yarn.

On to the next briefing!

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  1. This is so pretty. I find that I like a lot of projects where people simply ran out of yarn and had to be creative.

    Looks great!