Saturday, June 6, 2009

Finally, I did it right this time!

So a little while ago I had this idea in my head for an a-line entrelac top. I had drawn out a sketch, did a half assed gauge swatch and some sleep deprived math and went to town. So then I knit the entire thing, tried it on fell to the floor. Yep. It was about 80 inches or so. 80 inches wide. Always swatch.
So with the Battlestar Galactica FPB game  and the FTL / Jump Drive challenge I was finally able to really jump on it. Har har. Jump.
Okay, so this time I actually did the math. Properly. I waited until there were no distractions, I did a proper gauge swatch. I even washed it! I cast on, and hoped for the best.
I managed to get most of the stockinette done in a day, it's stockinette in the round, you just keeping knitting around and around and around and around until your hands fall off. Started the entrelac bit..and it slowed down significantly. Like, it came to a crawl. I love knitting entrelac, but when you're juuuust about to finish something, and it's completely within your reach, but just sliiightly far away, it's the worst time ever. It takes forever. I start to get antsy, I want it finished right now. But, I managed to finish it in three days.

It fits better on me, the bust hits perfectly at the underbust. It's not quite as the sketch, it was more diamondy...but that's the nature of entrelac, I guess. I love the way it fits me and it's sooo comfortable. Will definitely be getting a lot of wear out of this!
The yarn is Bernat's Satin in Bordeaux (2) & black (1). Needle size is 5mm.

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