Monday, August 31, 2009


I've decided that if I don't stay true to projects, I'll never finish them. Like my Juno Regina Stole, I don't work on it much as is because while it's the same two rows for 42" I made mine a bit wider, and I'm scared to reach the end of the familiar middle section. I've forgotten what I did exactly at the beginning, and never wrote it down. I'm sure once I get there it's just something super simple, but I'm still scared. It's the kind of feeling when you know you need one more skein of something to finish off a project, and you know you just don't have it and won't be getting it. So you work on it slowly, hoping something will change.
I'll probably finish the middle section today, I have about 8 inches left to go. I love the yarn I'm using, Diamond Yarns Diamond, Luxury Collection Baby Alpaca.
Can't wait until I'm finished and it's all blocked. I hate the blocking process, mostly because I don't have a blocking table and hate blocking on the floor..especially large pieces. But I love the finished blocked project.
Off to the 2-row repeat jungle.

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  1. You can do eeet!! I trust I will see you knitting on this tomorrow night! We'll all cheer you on.