Monday, August 24, 2009

My little stained glass window's really an afghan, but everyone tells me it looks like stained glass. I'm in love with this, it took me three months of working on it very casually, each square took about 15 minutes to make, and it got a little addicting. But then when I ran out of yarn it was time to piece it all together. When I started, I was going to machine stitch it so it would go faster because I hate seaming. I hate it so much I have multiple sweaters from a year+ ago that are sitting unseamed. Some I take out once in a while and seam up an arm, or a side. There's one that's been sitting in a bag since January that only needs one side seam. It was actually pretty sad because I thought I only had to do the arm, and then I got all excited, put it on and saw that it was too big. But it was way worse than that! I had another seam to do. Oh well, maybe this winter I'll wear it.
Back to the point, my glorious sock yarn blanket. All yarn was donated, and while it ended up a little small (a couch sized afghan) I'm going to add to it every year, not in bulk, but the special socks that were made throughout the year. So, I had this grand plan of machine stitching it, I'd look at the piles and not dread having to seam because I had a handle on that already. But then I saw some other sock yarn blankets...and I really wanted to have a border around mine.
So out came the crochet hook, and after staying up one night until 11AM (which, really isn't all that unusual for's pretty common, but it sounds much more dramatic, and makes it seem like a bigger triumph) I managed to weave in (another hate of mine) hundreds and hundreds of ends. Not. Fun.
The first few rows of crocheting it together were easy, and then it got heavy...and hot. And it got heavy and hot (or hot 'n heavy) during a heat wave, the only heat wave of the summer, and I began to really hate it. Not to mention that half of the time I was sticking the crochet hook through a nice slipped stitch, and the other half of the time I was trying to squeeze it into a cast on stitch.
But I sat down and finished it off (about 100 squares) in one sitting. And I love it.

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  1. It's absolutely beautiful! What an amazing heirloom piece!!

    And hey - I don't mind stitching at all but hate knitting socks! Maybe a trade is in order? hehehe