Thursday, September 10, 2009


The colour are off in the photo, but it seems to be a difficult colour to really capture. It's a deep purple, use your imagination. I'm doing this as a KAL with my stitch n bitch group. Four people, and it was decided that we each have to make a totally different colour. Originally I was going with red, but when I had finally got to a store I could only find firetruck red. Firetruck red + Big Gal = baaaaaad. So I went with my "go-to" dark colour. It's cascade 220, the yarn the pattern calls for which is so rare for me. And now for a plug for a the wonderful shop I bought it at, The Naked Sheep, I had never been before, mostly because I live at the other end of the city, but I've always heard great things about them, so I jumped on the streetcar for an hour. I'm hoping to get out there for a knit night soon, it just seems so far away.
Also, I was the jerk that had 10 skeins wound in one go. And that was why the trip was totally worth it, the winding wasn't an issue at all. I love that.
So, on the way home I was bursting! I wanted to start immediately, and I totally would have if there weren't rules. The KAL is with, like I said earlier, my regular Stitch 'n Bitch group, but only my sister, Maytina, has a blog that I know of, so only one out link for them. I have rules, only I have rules to follow mind you, but I have rules. Originally my rule was to only work on it at the Stitch 'n Bitch, but that wasn't good enough for me. So, I've only allowed myself 2-3 hours between meetings.
I'm at the arms right now, and I can honestly say I might not make it to Saturday. Yeah, that's right, I might cheat. I'll justify it by saying I'm making the largest size, and lengthening the sleeves, but it's cheating. I'll be a cheater. I'm not ashamed.
So far, I'm liking the pattern, the cabling is nice but not daunting so it's actually a perfect KAL project, you can still talk without totally screwing everything up.
It's a liiiittle bit big, so that means I can either eat a bunch and gain weight (my preferred option) OR I could just take in the seams which would totally defeat the purpose of a seamless knit. I'll probably end up wearing something under it too, probably going to be mostly a winter sweater.
I can't wait to work on it more.

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