Saturday, September 19, 2009 Juno Regina

I finished this at the beginning of the month (I think it was Sept. 2) and then I put it on the dining room table to be blocked and never got around to it...until now. It sat there mocking me. I hate blocking, I love what blocking does to a piece, but I hate it. I think if I had a blocking table, I'd be all over it, but I hate sitting on the floor, and everytime I looked at it I just thought about how annoying it would be to sit on the floor and carefully block it all out.
And it needed some serious blocking because one end was majorly bigger than the other, I think it was because that end was dragging while I was knitting for so long. It's all blocked out now, and even. And I love it, too bad it's gotten surprisingly chilly for a lace shawl. And while I'm very excited for all the wintery shawls I've knit up over the summer, I'm upset that it's too chilly to only wear this one.
It was sitting next to my Corona for quite some time, and I know I'll be wearing those two together. I LOVE red and purple together, and these are the exact perfect shades that I love together so i cannot wait to finish my Corona now.

Pattern: Juno Regina
Yarn: Diamond Luxury Collection Baby Alpaca
Needls Size: 2.75mm
I kind of want to make another one now, it was actually really fun to do, even if the middle section was mindless. But I do enjoy some mindless knitting from time to time. The ends definitely made up for the 42" of the same two rows.
I made mine a total of 7 repeats to make it wider, if I ever make it again, I think I'll just stick to the 4 because it does grow quite a bit while blocking anyway.

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