Monday, September 21, 2009


I made these for my best friend Jessica, it was her birthday last week, and my goal is to make her tons of silly owly things. There's a story.
When we were obnoxious teenagers, we would sleep in her backyard. Yeah, in the middle of the city, when it was cold, whatever, we didn't care. We were the loud jerks at all hours of the night keeping you up by laughing, and just being generally loud and dumb kids.
The first time we did this, for whatever reason, we were convinced that a neighbour's satellite dish was, in fact, an owl. So, even if it were, big deal, right? What's an owl going to do? We were terrified, or at least I remember being terrified of an owl that wasn't really even there. And we continued to be terrified of owls from then on.

Ever since then, we'd buy each other silly owl gifts to scare each other. And I vaguely recall these super creepy giant-eyed super-realistic owl candles that I would scare her with frequently. I had them in my room, and she'd always have to turn them the other way because she didn't like them looking at her. To be fair, they were really creepy.
I never thought owls were a big deal until this happened, or more specifically, the gift-giving owl-scaring happened. You can find weird owl things everywhere and on the strangest things. But instead of buying owl things, I'm going to make owl things until I cannot make anymore. I figure I have a good 10 years left of making owl things before I run out.

Pattern: Owlings (Ravelry Link)
Yarn: Vanna's Choice
Needle Size: 3.75mm
Total time: 2 1/2 hours
Quite frankly, I'm in love with these. I think I'll make some for myself. I love Fetching, which is what they're based on. But come on, how can that owl cable be any cooler? I was thinking of adding eyes (beads) But I think it might make them a bit busy. Maybe just eyes for the ones in the centre.
I also totally almost kept them, my hands were so cold right after I made them and I was knitting along on my Corona and I almost swiped them for me. But then I wrapped them so I wouldn't be tempted. I sense a fingerless mitt binge in my future.
I love fingerless mitts, most of them are so quick, you can easily knock a pair off in an afternoon.


  1. what beautiful work♥ I think I want a pair♥

  2. Thank you! They're super fast and an easy knit, make yourself a pair!