Saturday, November 7, 2009

A little competition

Well, friendly competition over on the BSGFPB forum. Pattern was posted at 4PM, all knit, seamed up and photos by 7PM. There was a nap involved too.

Pattern: Garter Fingerless Mitts
Yarn: Bernat Satin Solid
Needle Size: 4.5mm
I hadn't slept in about 23 hours, so I stayed up and went for it. I finished the knitting in about an hour, and then I totally blanked on the seaming. I couldn't figure out how to put it together. I tried multiple ways and this was the way that worked, so I went with it. This is probably why I never knit mitts flat, I absolutely hate seaming. I had to take a nap after the knitting and the seaming frustration because I was ready to toss it across the room.
I also had to re-do the thumb multiple times because I kept reading it wrong. This is why you need sleep.
And bed.

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