Tuesday, November 10, 2009

oops! Don't worry, I can fix it!

One of the worst things ever after completing something, patting yourself on the back for job well done is when you set your work down and admire it for a bit before weaving in your ends...and you find this:

At first it just looked like it was slightly off, no big deal. And then I moved it around a bit and, it can't be. But yes, it was. Fortunately this yarn is a stubborn one which is what frustrated me about it the first time I tried frogging it and failed horribly, and cried a bit about it because this yarn is delicious. If it weren't a stubborn yarn, this would have ended in tears. So, I took out my needle, and in a calm manner I carefully stitched it up, and no one (except myself, the internet, and everyone that compliments me on this) will know. Everything is fine, I can't even tell where it was now. I would've loved it even if I could. It's perfect.

Pattern: Wisp

Yarn: Chiffon by Yarn Chef

Needles: 5mm

I looooove this! I love it more than my black one, it's just so soft. I adore this yarn so much, I adore  Yarn Chef definitely check her out. Even though it barely weighs anything, it's quite warm. I can't wait to wear it today, I was so excited about it I worked an outfit around it. I'm not sure if I'll wear it any other way but as a scarf, so I haven't added any buttons, but if I wanted to wear it as a capelet I'll probably end up just using a shawl pin. I can't seem to find any buttons that wouldn't pull and distort it. But I do love a good button hunt.

I'm not really a hood person either, but because it's so light, I might give it a try. It just seems a little tedious to do the whole ribbon thing up the back. We'll see.

This has really helped me not go crazy by overthinking things. It's a simple pattern, but it still needs a little bit of attention, and every few rows I would stop and stare at it a bit, pet it a bit, and generally admire it.
I'm sad it's over. But I've already added this pattern to my knit-list for Christmas gifts, so I'll revisit it when I finish up some other things. I could probably make the same thing three times in a row, but it can't be too healthy.

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