Sunday, November 8, 2009

Round two

As a continuation from yesterday, after wearing my garter fingerless mitts before going to bed, it bothered me all night that the lines on the hand didn't match up with the lines on the thumb. So I woke up and re-did them. Yeah, that's right, I couldn't sleep after not sleeping for a day because the lines on my fingerless mitts didn't line up the way I wanted to and it was haunting me a bit.

I ripped out the seaming, knit an extra 10-15 rows because I have fat hands and it wouldn't have fit otherwise, changed the tumb a bit, and then because I need some frill..I added in a crochet border along the top. Coupled with a much better photo, I'd say round two was much better.


  1. Very nice--beautiful color!

  2. Thanks guys! I definitely like these better than the first ones I did. Going back and re-doing them was definitely worth it, and the pattern is wonderful for embellishing too!