Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wee sock ornaments!

Just look how wee they are!
Pattern: Tiny Sock Ornaments
Yarn: Some Noro, Regia and Araucania leftovers
Needle size: 2.25mm
These are horribly addictive, I just wish I had more leftover sock yarn. I don't usually knit socks, I usually use sock yarn for shawls, and use up every last bit of yarn, and I used up most of the sock yarn I had laying around for my sock yarn blanket.
I'm thinking of beading the string I'll use to hang them, so they're a bit more sparkly. I do love my sparkle.
They're a bit fiddly at first, there's only about 16 stitches for most of it, and the first few rows are kind of annoying. The very first sock I made, it took me a good half hour just to deal with the small stitch count. But once I got the hang of it, I was addicted. And turning the heel is so much fun on wee socks! Will definitely be making more of these.
I can actually totally see myself making hundreds of these.

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