Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wisp WIP

I've been wanting to make a wisp for a long time, and finally I decided to start one. I'm making it a stole width so it's 94 stitches wide. It's taking a lot longer than I expected but it's a nice knit because it's sooo light, wispy even. I'm hoping to just use up all the yarn I have. I'm using Sublime's Kid Mohair Blend and I have 6 cakes, so we'll see. I'm currently on my 7th repeat and have just finished the second cake.
I'm also participating in NaKnitMo this month (as well as NaBloPoMo) so I'm keeping track of all my stitches knit (and hopefully blogging everyday). I'm going for 100,000 stitches in a month, but after only a few days of knitting I'm already approaching the 30,000 mark, so I might go for more.
We shall see. I'm really enjoying making this pattern, it's easy to keep track of, the stitches fly by, so far I only had one issue but it was totally my fault because I didn't count my stitches. So the first few rows are a little off, but I wasn't going to frog mohair.

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