Friday, November 6, 2009


Pattern: Wisp
Yarn: Sublime Kid Mohair Blend
Needle Size: 5mm
I'm not a fan of photographing black, and this is actually the first all-black item I've knit. It was a nice fast knit, I loved working on it. Easy to keep track of where you are, not complicated pattern to follow, some good conversation knitting. This is going to be perfect for winter, it's big and warm and can easily be squished into a ball for purse-storage.
It came out a little bigger than I expected, but I like it, I can easily wrap it around myself and I love folding it over for a collar-appearance. I loved working on this so much, I cast on immediately after I finished for a scarf-sized one. I think I'll make a couple for Christmas presents as well.
And to prove it isn't just a big black boring rectangle:

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