Friday, July 9, 2010

An evening of weaving

30 shells for my Shell Counterpane afghan. 60 ends to leave in. At the end of this blanket I'll have woven in 400 ends. I hate weaving in ends. I promised myself when I started this that as soon as I finished a skein of yarn I would weave in the ends and attach them together so it never becomes daunting. This worked for the first two skeins.
I thought I'd win this time, especially after reminding myself of the hundreds of ends I had to weave in and the squares I had to seam together all at once for my sock yarn blanket. Clearly, I am not very convincing.
These little shells only take half an hour and they're just so damn addicting that I can't stop myself! At one point they piled up so high in front of me that any movement made them topple over. I love a good pile so I'd carefully stack them all up again and stare at them every so often while I knit while patting myself on the back.
Sometimes I'd make so much that at the end of a knitting session I'd look at the pile and be a little shocked at how high it had gotten in just a couple hours.
So that's what I'm doing tonight, weaving in ends and seaming the shells together. I'm not letting myself knit any more shells until each and every one of these are safely attached. I will then start a new much bigger pile.

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