Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Pattern: Vortex
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Possum Laceweight & Misti Alpaca Lace
Needle size: 2mm
Ravelry project page
My first project for Nerd Wars. The challenge was to make something inspired by a nebula. I went with the rosette nebula because I had this amazing yarn that had the exact colours and I hadn't used it because it was variegated and I usually stray from too many colour changes in a yarn...especially in a laceweight.
It felt like it too a really long time but it only took two weeks. I added a different edging than the picot bind off because I wanted a little something extra when I wear it as a hood.
k2tog, yo, k, yo, k3 for one row and then the next row knit but k2tog the k2tog's.
I would have made this much bigger but I ran out of yarn. I'm planning on making it again but in fingering rather than laceweight so it'll go by much faster. My hands felt like they were cramping up on those needles, I guess it's the endless stockinette because I don't usually get that on small needles. I felt like an ogre when I finished this and made something else using 5mm needles. There's just something about teeny needles that make everyone a little dainty.
I'm trying to count my stitches this year after challenging myself to a million stitches and this shawl alone gave me 76,152 stitches.

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