Friday, July 27, 2012

Drop Stitch Wrap

Pattern: Just went for it
Yarn: Shepherd Classic 100% Wool [3 burgundy, 600 yards]
Needles: 4mm
Ravelry Project Page: Drop Stitch Wrap

You know those days when you really want to knit but don't know what to knit at all? Pair this with an uncontrollable need for a Harry Potter marathon and I ended up with this. Cast on until it "looks right" and knit stockinette until you run out of movies or you get bored. Actually I stopped because it was getting really long and annoying to hold it out of the way.

Then when you get to the end bind off 3 stitches, crochet 6 chains, drop 2 stitches and keep going to the end. I single crocheted a little border along the ends so it didn't curl so much and had a bit more structure to it. 

I love long and wide wraps because there's so many possibilities in wearing them. 

I also adore the colour of this yarn. Shortly before buying this yarn I fell in love with a tree, more specifically the colour of its leaves, in my neighbourhood. As soon as I saw this yarn in the yarn shop i simply had to have it. I bought a ton of it in hopes to make a sweater but soon discovered I'd rather wrap myself in it (but that can change and I still have plenty left for changing my mind later)

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