Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fingerless Mitt Parade!

Continuing on with overdue finished object posting week the second parade is dedicated to fingerless mitts.

Pattern: Thinking of writing it up
Yarn: Cascade 220 [.50 yellow; 110 yards] Diamond Luxury |Collection Baby Alpaca Glimmer [.10 black]
Needles: 4mm for mitt, 6mm for bow
Ravelry Project Page: Bow mitts

I don't really like yellow and I think the only reason why I had this was because I was intending to make a Flash/Reverse Flash double knit scarf...which I now really really want to make again. Note: Buy more yellow..and probably red too.
But I had a bit of an obsession with this Baby Alpaca Glimmer stuff (which will have its own parade shortly) and have a ton of little bits left which were next to this yellow in a bin and i kind of fell in love with the contrast. After being forced to wear giant hair bows my entire childhood (seriously, you could pick me out in a crowd of kids from the hairbow alone) I kind of fell off the bow bandwagon but now all of a sudden they're adorable again. So I must now make a million different pairs of bow mitts. They're simple, cute, fun, and have a little bit of glitter. I love glitter.
I actually worked out quite a few different ways for the bows but my laziness won in the end (no shaping at all and wrap the yarn around the middle)

Pattern: Again, thinking of writing it up
Yarn: Cascade 220 [0.50 black; 110 yards]
Needles: 4mm
Ravelry Project Page: Corset Mitts

The details on the why are very fuzzy except I like laced up things and I love this ribbon. I love this ribbon so much that I recall buying several (possibly close to a hundred) yards of it many years ago. 

Pattern: pattern. I have a thing for winging it with mitts
Yarn: Cascade 220 [.50 green;110 yards, .50 black; 110 yards]
Needles: 4mm
Ravelry Project Page: Striped Ruffle Mitts

I love green and black. I love green and black stripes. I love ruffles. I love picot bind offs. Most people tend to describe my style as "Dark elegance" and these mitts suggest dark elegance to me. Should have done something else for the cast on because they curl quite a bit but it's not too much of a big deal. And normally I hate just plain stockinette on mitts and much prefer ribbed patterns because they're more likely to stay on and look perfect but they fit snugly on me. And have just enough ruffle flare peeking out. 

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