Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Glimmer Glamour Parade

I love glitter. Everywhere I go there is a trail of glitter (which a lot of my friends...and their pets...hate). Last summer I was yarn shopping and came across possibly my new favourite yarn Diamond Luxury Collection Baby Alpaca Glimmer. I cannot begin to explain how much I love it. First, it's baby alpaca which is so very soft and squishy and loveable. And. It's. Sparkly. That's pretty much all you need to get me to spend my yarn budget on your yarn.

Pattern: Shrug
Yarn: Diamond Luxury Collection Baby Alpaca Glimmerm [7 skeins; 763 yards]
Needles: 6mm
Ravelry Pattern Page: Glimmer Shrug

I loved the idea of this pattern but it just didn't look all that great on me. I put it on from time to time to see if it'll look better but it's going to the frog pond soon, I think. It's super super warm which is nice in the winter so I'm hoping to make something much better with it.

Pattern: Garter stitch forever
Yarn: Diamond Luxury Collection Baby Alpaca [2 skeins; 218 yards]
Needle: 12.75
Ravelry Project Page: Glimmer

So when I fell in love with this yarn for the first time I shared it with my mom. She then, also being a fan of glitter and super softness, fell in love with it as well. There was some hank cuddling that day. She also had what I would describe as a ratty ugly disgusting scarf. It just wasn't right for a knitter/crocheter to be walking around with a scarf like that but i knew she'd never make one for herself. So for Christmas I made her a new scarf.
We had many arguments discussions last winter on how to wear it for maximum warmth. I say to wear it like this and but underneath the coat so it pops out of the opening:

She says this is the only way to wear a scarf. On top of the coat: 

She argues that it shows it off, as nice scarves ought to be. I say, make your own scarf and look at it, I'm cold!
My mother also wears these velvet gloves in the winter. Please note that we discovered the alpaca will stick to the gloves which often then gets all over the place when she takes them off...or just when the gloves are in contact with anything (her steering wheel is covered in winter) this seems to be just a velvet issue. I say it's a bit of a extra bonus feature because now your gloves are sparkly too.

Pattern: Just made it up
Yarn: Diamond Luxury Collection Baby Alpaca Glimmer [6 skeins black; 654 yards] Cascade Ecological Wool [1 skein purple heather; 478 yards]
Needles: 6mm
Ravelry Project Page: Glimmer Ruffle

I love this shawl. I cannot wait until it gets cold because I am going to wear this so hard. Glitter, stripes, purple/black, AND ruffles?! It doesn't get much better...except for the green/black and the red/black ones I am also planning. This is one of those patterns where the yarn does all the talking because it's just so simple.
It's bulky yarn though so it is very very heavy. 

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