Monday, July 23, 2012

Nerdery Parade

It's been way over a year since an update and although I thought I hadn't made anything in that time I actually have. Only have photos of the knitting/crochet end of my creative life so I'll be updating in the way of FO parades. Today is the nerdery one. Projects inspired by my nerdom.

Yarn: Patons Classic Wool [1.5 skeins black, .25 green, .50 white]
Needles: 5mm
Ravelry Project Page: Space Invaders Tote Bag

This was my purse for about 10 months. I only took a couple crappy night time photos and now I'm not entirely sure where it is...but it probably looks like it's in bad shape from all the use it got. I lined the inside with just canvas and there's a tiny pocket on the inside. 
For some reason I had a looser tension for the back (possible accidental needle size upage) but I quickly fixed that issue by folding in the sides a bit and making some seams in the bag. More of a purse than a totebag now. 
I wanted to make this forever because I'm a huge Space |Invaders fan...and now looking back on it I may make it my dedicated knitting bag because I forgot how much I loved it. 

Yarn:  Sandes Garn Lanett [0.75 of black, 0.10 of yellow]
Needles: 3mm
Ravelry Project Page:  Triforce Handwarmers

Rivalling my love of Space Invaders is Zelda. When I say I love Zelda I mean I LOVE Zelda. I will do a runthrough of Ocarina of Time about once a week. I kind of obsess over the story/history/theories. And by kind of I mean really really obsess. I used slightly thinner yarn than what the pattern called for so the triforce is much smaller so I'm hoping to make another pair soon and also the matching Twilight Princess Scarf

Pattern: Superhero Dreamcatcher Afghan
Yarn: Bernat Super Value Solids [3 skeins red, 3 skeins blue, 0.3 skeins black]
Hook: 5mm
Ravelry Project Page: Spidey Blanket

I'm just going to start by saying that I am not the biggest fan of Spider-Man. In fact, I can only read the comic books for a short amount of time because I want to punch him in the face. However I love Venom and the original plan for this project was to make one Spidey and one Venom blanket (Which is sitting in a bag waiting on more yarn). Surprisingly this one took a month and the other one...well it'll be over a year before I finish it. Right now this is probably the most used piece I've ever made as it's made it onto my bed as my blanket. It's huuuuge. And I am so glad I made it out of a yarn that can be washed a million times. It only now (after a year of use) is starting to pill a bit but it's easily fixed when washed again. It will of course be tossed into my closet with the other blankets I've made and replaced by the Venom one. I have a lot of blankets in that closet. I adore making blankets but most never even get used once. One day.

Pattern: Batman, The Brave & The Bold
Yarn: Details are fuzzy
Hook: 4mm? 5mm? something like that
Ravelry Project Page: I AM BATMAN!

I love this little guy. He's so chubby and squishy.

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