Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Pattern: None
Yarn: Vanna's Choice Solids [1.5 skein olive; 225 yards, 1.5 skein purple; 225 yards]
Hook Size: 10mm
Ravelry Project Page: Single Crochet Scarf
Dates: 7/28/12-7/28/12 5:37 AM
Ravellenic Events: Scarf Hockey, Charity Rowing 
Ravellenic project count: 3

After typing all day for work and making a scarf and finishing my Yggdrasil my wrists were pretty much on fire. Normally that means stopping. I just switched crafts. 

Just a super simple scarf. Chain 21 stitches, single crochet in each stitch for two rows in each colour, go until it's long enough, fasten off. Nice. Simple. Mindless. 

I originally started with a 6mm hook but it was curling up a lot and didn't seem to flow nicely so I went up to a 10mm. 

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