Monday, July 30, 2012


Pattern: Yggdrasil
Yarn: Bernat Berella 4 [4 skeins Soft Taupe; 780 yards, 6.5 skeins Dark Taupe; 1267.5 yards]
Needle size: 5mm
Ravelry Project Page: Yggdrasil
Dates: 3/2/11-7/28/12 12:21 AM EST
Ravellenic Events: WIPs wrestling
Ravellenic project count: 2

I originally started this blanket as a gift for a friend. Things sort of fell off course and eventually the blanket sat in a basket for months. Then I started it up again and felt that in just a few short days I would be done! Yeah. Right. 

I ran out of yarn. I had bought the store out of the yarn when I went. I bought extra thinking "Just in case!" But it wasn't just running out of yarn. No. It was running out of yarn with just a few repeats left. So I think "Fine. No big deal. I'll just buy more" I go to several stores and can't find it. Suspicious. Then I check online. 

It's discontinued. 

Of. Course. 

I went from working on it for a few days in March and April of last year to not at all until August. I then picked it up again for a few days in January and finally on February 2nd of 2012 I run out of yarn. Once I saw that the yarn was discontinued I hopped on Ravelry in hopes that someone had a bit for sale. People did but they never got back to me. I looked once in a while for months and nothing. Finally last week I found some and it arrived on Friday morning just in time for the Ravellenics! DetroitKnitter (here's a link to her Etsy shop too) totally saved the day!

So after months and months of waiting for yarn to pop up so I could finish it I managed to complete it in two hours. Which makes me both happy and sad because I'm glad it's finally done and I can wrap it and give it to someone who will use it but sad because I cannot believe I only had 6 repeats of the large braid, a corner, and kitchener stitching to do for it to be finished. 

Lesson? Buy two extra skeins (I now have an extra skein of this because I bought an extra this time around too. I will leave it in my stash and stare at it for all eternity)

It doesn't lay flat. I haven't washed or blocked it yet (although I don't know how much help blocking will be) but I'm hoping it'll eventually spread out once it's being used. To be honest, I don't really care too much anymore. I'm just glad it's done. 

I have to admit that I really enjoyed working on this blanket. The middle tree chart was really s l o w because I wasn't familiar with the chart yet and there's very little repetition to remember. But after that it's kind of a relaxing knit (until you run out of yarn, that is) and it took less than a month (in total number of days) from start to finish (27). Even picking up all those stitches was fine. I actually learned to love picking up stitches because of this blanket!

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