Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bigger on the Inside WIP

I love Doctor Who. I love shawls. So naturally I've wanted to make this since I first saw it. I had a couple of plans before I cast on. First I wanted to make it in worsted weight to make it larger. Then I wanted to make the lace section in a black sparkle to represent space. Then I found an almost perfect blue in Alpaca (70%) and silk (30%) and I had to have it. So I cast on with a fingering weight in the 3.25 mm needles suggested in the pattern on Monday (July 30)

I worked on the lace section for a couple of days and enlarged it to 15 centre repeats instead of the 3 called for because I have large shoulders and I want to wear this in a specific way. I probably could have done closer to 25 repeats and been a little happier with it. But we'll see how it looks when it's blocked.

Yesterday I picked up the stitches (433) for the TARDIS section. I picked them up several times. I picked up on the wrong end (the straight edge) twice. Then I picked up every stitch instead of picking up the stitches evenly but I had the right edge that time. Finally I picked up the stitches evenly (4 for every 5 stitches) and started on the chart. 

If I were to make this again (or had the guts to frog back) I would probably have a little more clearance between the picked up edge and the beginning of the TARDIS. Maybe another 5 rows or so. 

I also added a bead instead of bobbles to represent the TARDIS light. I thought I had these really great foil beads but it turns out they were gold and not silver so I had to improvise. I had plans to bead the bind off too but I don't think I'll have enough beads for that and I don't want to hunt down more of the same type. 

I'm hoping to get at least the chart done tonight so all that's left is the ribbing. 

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